Wednesday, April 15, 2009

IDEA OF THE DAY! Social Infrastructure!

The increase building on the former Caroni (1975) Ltd. properties will have some significant impacts on communities as well as on the environment. People as a species do not deal well with changes when there is not control over it. 

As part of the development and planning process, and in order to improve public support, enhance the environment and make the area more livable, why not build in social infrastructure projects?

It does not need to be a huge investment, or even particularly expensive. By giving people a place to gather, to socialize and play creates a wonderful sense of community and strengthens communities. It gives a safe place for children to learn to be healthy and move and gives parents a place to enjoy too. 

One only needs to look across the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain any afternoon, or weekend or evening to see the social benefits of such social infrastructure. It's a gift left for us to enjoy from earlier generations. 

What are we leaving the Trinidad's children to enjoy tomorrow?

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